Quite a few people asked for the checklist of financial information discussed in an article in Real Simple magazine ( Their suggestion was to ask our parents to prepare this list of information that would be useful in case of death or a health emergency.

q       BANK ACCOUNTS AND SAFE-DEPOSIT BOXES - all bank names - account numbers - personal contact, if available - location of safe-deposit box - contents of box - location of box key

q       CREDIT CARDS - issuers - account numbers - expiration dates - special information (airline mileage points, balances owed)

q       INSURANCE (Home, car, life, health, long-term care) - issuers - account numbers - agents - premium due dates

q       HEALTH CARE - contact information for physicians - current medications and dosages - Medicare claim number - Medigap policy number

q       TAXES - accountant information - location of past filings

q       INVESTMENT AND RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS - names of brokerage or plan administrators - account numbers - PIN numbers - Names of bankers or brokers

q       LEGAL DOCUMENTS - wills - trusts - power of attorney - trustees of all the documents - contact information for lawyers

q       HOUSE - amount of mortgage payment or rent - due date - location of deeds and property titles - contact information for service people

q       LAST WISHES - arrangements for funeral and burial - organ donation wishes

q       MISCELLANEOUS - driverís license number and expiration date - vehicle registration information - any items in storage - storage company phone number - contact information for neighbors and friends - e-mail accounts and passwords