Useful Financial Websites

Upromise A website that allows you to obtain credit for everyday purchases and save them toward college savings for your children; accounts can be connected to Section 529 plans offered by various financial service and mutual fund organizations.
College Savings Plans Network
Kiplinger Companion site to the venerable financial planning magazine; offers a wide range of data and reports on the economy and the stock market; donít be too surprised if you get email offering a subscription to the print version.
Saving for College This site includes a new Section 529 plan evaluator. It allows you to compare the features of different state plans and request information from up to five states per visit.
AMG Data Services A website aimed primarily at professional and institutional investors, but also provides free data on mutual fund inflows and outflows, including money market funds.
Financial Aid
U.S. Census Bureau Home site for the Consumer Price Index (CPI); provides a wide range of economic and business data; proof that they do a lot more than count all of us every ten years.
Leimberg & Leclair - ß7520 Interest Rates and the IRS Applicable Federal Rates (AFR)


State of Connecticut Department of Revenue Services
Internal Revenue Service
Social Security Online
State of Connecticut Department of Labor
U.S. Department of Labor
Tax Policy Center

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